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A good slutty skier takes it deep in the ass

Added on 30/08/2015

After getting screwed on the slopes, what's better that to get buggered by a good dick well hard of a beautiful blond with a perfect body ? A good sucking session and there you go, the brown with greedy ass arches on the kitchen bar eager to feel his buddy piercing his ass. Of the first round, the two guys go on roaring of pleasure! Lying on the back, the subdued gets screwed his asshole while jerking off his juicy dick till the orgasm soon followed by his buddy who sprinkles his balls of all his cum.

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Country trio between lads

Added on 28/08/2015

During a short hike in the forest, two beautiful lads cross the path of a nice guy who proposes them to spend the night with him. In his old jeep, he leads his two guests to the beautiful hut lost in the woods. The two guys barely have time to unload their bag that the guy grabs the blond hiker to kiss him passionately. After having licked his nipples, this little bastard kneels and hastens to suck his fragrant dick. Athletic body, good thick dick,this fellator is fully satisfied with his catch. While he sucks this dick like a crazy, the second hiker till now just watching arrives and immediately releases his dick that the voracious grabs immediately in his mouth. After that, the property owner will get buggered his...

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SM threesome at the local bar

Added on 26/08/2015

Two guys crazy about leather and other SM practices meet up in a seedy bar to talk about their passion. Extremely aroused, they tend to speak rather loudly and their discussion is heard by the barman. The stories about leather, domination and bondage drive him crazy with arousal, so he jerks himself off on the sly. When the two guys at the table start snogging, our poor waiter can’t hold back any longer and joins them to get into action. In the hushed lighting of the pub, the three men indulge in a messy sex blast during which deepthroats and sodomies multiply in an odor of total submission...

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After sports, a good dick as consolation

Added on 24/08/2015

Nothing like a little sports coaching to reconcile two lads of well hot pants. The coach has the hand on his very hard cock. His student, a beautiful guy looking like Rickie recovers to take it in the mouth and sucking it passionately. This little bastard loves to get his mouth fucked by a big well hard dick and we can see that. After getting suck in turn in a 69, he grabs the bar that overlooks his head and arches his ass to offer it better to his coach. A few fingers later, he gets screwed his asshole moaning like a whore. While riding this good cock and jerking off his own, there he squirts big jets of cum on the floor of the hall, followed closely by his teacher.

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A tattooed twink butt-fucks after training

Added on 22/08/2015

Two players start out in football in this new club. During the match, one of them, cute, athletic, dark-haired and tattooed, sends a few signals to the other player whom he likes a great deal, and they soon move away towards a changing room corner, when the other players are gone after training, to discover each other’s body landscape. Discovering one another in the shower to the rhythm of their kisses, they immediately go down on each other and the tattooed guy takes extreme pleasure that will lead him to an unannounced dry sodomy upon the sportsman who only waits for one thing: his jizz spread on him!

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