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Pound my ass on the jet ski

Added on 18/04/2015

When they are in the mountains, these two imposing bodybuilders do everything they want! Especially not to interrupt their hiking in jet ski for a short sex break. Kneeling in the snow, the big brown sucks his buddy's dick without forgeting to suck his balls. Half fever, the big whore he licks this good pair of balls while jerking off his dick all hard. His buddy is also a good fellator who does not hesitate to suck it up till the balls, even if he has a possible nausea. With a look full of vice, this bastard invites his buddy to arch on the scooter to screw his ass. Our two lads loves so much, that they have only to cum on each other before getting back on track.

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Dick sunbathing session

Added on 16/04/2015

After a little sunbathing session, what's better than a sex session with a good beefy neighbour? Just one look for these two strangers to understand what the other wants. Direct the two most hefty of two stands up to join the bearded one that just did him a wink out the window. A few seconds later, this little bastard gets on his knees to suck his big dick the eyes closed. A beautiful venous dick that he swallows all from one time before leaving the beefier sucking him in turn. Now that everyone has a very slobbery dick, it is time for these two dudes to lick some ass. Afterwards, the bearded one has only to offer his hot asshole for a long manly sex session that will make him adore it !

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Sex with a 18-year-old twink on the menu!

Added on 14/04/2015

The weather is fine and hot today... the ideal occasion for a super barbecue! Paulo, a charming 18-year-old twink is not that surprised when he realizes he's the only one who's invited. A good fuck was exactly what he needed ;-)! Brad welcomes him naked under his Dick Master apron... an invitation that Paulo seizes open-mouthed! Brad gets off on being blown by this young gay! He even shoves a cucumber into his arsehole as he gets sucked off! Our two fellows are immediately overcome by an irrepressible urge to shag. Brad then puts Paulo in doggie in a virile manner and shoves his manhood deep inside his anus! In the meantime, the sausages get cooked... and yet, a good sex session is better than any barbecue in the...

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A gay officer receives a series of anal strokes

Added on 12/04/2015

For Corporal Sinz, his squad is a real hotbed of small asses that he loves to bugger with big dick at nightfall! After having banged River Fiasco's asshole, he is happy to bugger RJ Danvers and to cum on the balls of this little bitch!

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Filled with satisfaction

Added on 10/04/2015

3 guys meet at the hotel for a hot sex night. As soon as they get there, the only virgin of the group grabs his 2 mates' prick and starts blowing them. While he's taking a knob up the arse, one of the blokes is spreading his thighs for the novice to be able to lick his scrotum to his heart's content! The 2 guys take turns butt-fucking him in every kamasutra possible position until unloading in his mouth.

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