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Why redo your books when you can fuck

Added on 27/02/2015

A certified public accountant goes to see his assistant to explain to him there’s an error in the current month figures. The young trainee doesn’t understand much and tries to apologize, but the only thing his boss seems to be interested in is his small ass. So he’s going to indulge in the pleasures of gay sex to please him. So off they go, snogging from the outset before taking out their gear and jerking off. They’re going to get these big cocks hard with a good blowjob before licking each other’s balls and anus. Their nimble tongues make the temperature rise and just by getting butt-fucked like a savage will the boss be able to forgive his assistant’s small error. The young twink goes all the way down and feels the...

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Black with a huge dick is dreaming a gay porn

Added on 25/02/2015

The inspector JC Carter is so obsessed with his investigation that inspires him very hot gay dreams! As he walks out naked, he is witnessing a sexual blackmail scene. He has no choice but to watch these two beefy black guys sucking each other loudly before fucking!

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Polish the floor and make it shine

Added on 23/02/2015

Two naked muscular and virile guys pull a string in an apartment. The one who loses has to take off one of his clothes. In a sweat and using all their muscles they pull it hard using all their strength, it is about who will dominate the other one!! Completely naked they change the rules: the loser will suck off the winner. They have such a good time that they start sucking each other. The scene becomes wild, these two guys have such a hard-on that they completely forget about the game, they blow each other and then they fuck on the floor!!! They rub against each other, pound their asses and finish by shooting their load to make it shine!! A very hot video

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Antonio gets banged by three mates. There's sex everywhere!

Added on 21/02/2015

Soon, Antonio has sex with four guys on the first floor. He gets groped and slapped on the buttocks. They slip their fingers into his arsehole. Antonio sucks cocks. The series of blowjobs starts off. He goes from one prick to the next. In the episode "I give head like a maniac" he even takes two knobs up his mouth. Antonio is in ecstasy, he blows them into a frenzy and gets his arse licked before getting buggered. The guys mount him and whip him as if he were a horse. The latter, extremely shaken, gets screwed in all directions. He keeps blowing and licking hanging testicles. He gets his arsehole fingered, straddles penises and gets violently humped. His mates stick a long, black, plastic phallus into his butt....

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Lucky Taylor and a twink have bareback sex

Added on 19/02/2015

Lucky Taylor takes part in this colorful scene featuring the horny student who uses reviewing as an excuse to try to bribe his friend into sodomy! In the room used as studying place, our two colleagues’ bodies are too close to each other and soon, the first snog announces the voracious blowjob so longed for by our favorite actor. Lucky soon makes the most of the lubrication produced by this long-awaited licking, to penetrate his pal in tank top on the bed with yellow blanket whereas the underpants are already dropped off! It’s all done bareback and a few acrobatic positions later, once their anuses have been thoroughly screwed, our two young men decide to lick each other’s ass again to end in a good facial.

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