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Sodomies in the basement

Added on 28/01/2015

Julian and Virgil have found the perfect place to cuddle away from prying eyes: the boiler room. It is in this place which is a bit sordid but well-suited that they satisfy themselves. They soon get naked and start blowing each other. The only furniture in the room is only an old abandoned table but it is enough to lie down and have fun in 69 position. Then Julian sits Virgil on the table and after he has prepared him with his hot and wet tongue he impales him thoroughly, getting stuffed between his buttocks up to the balls. Julian shrieks with joy but luckily his grunts are covered by the noise of the boiler. Then Julian, in his turn, offers his bum to get pounded and Virgil doesn’t hesitate to bang him with powerful...

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Gay strip poker

Added on 26/01/2015

A group of gay friends play strip poker or at least a card game which consists in taking off a piece of clothing as soon as you don’t have a good hand. Little by little, under the enthusiastic looks of these gentlemen, the clothes fall and leave our cute guys stark naked. It is no longer the time to play and as all this turned them on, they move to nastier games. It is a nice orgy in the middle of the living-room that we can witness. They all get a blowjob by their stiff and heavy cocks and get bum-fucked joyfully. It is a rain of cock strokes, the movements become easier as their tiny anuses get screwed. They all enjoy anal sex and the group orgasm. They all come at the same time on a handsome dark-haired guy...

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Three big sluts in the toilet

Added on 24/01/2015

What's better than the smelly piss toilets to do a threesome between well slutty lads? Aymeric DeVille, Junior Stellano and Shay Michaels will all take it deep in the ass before making your mouth water with powerful cumshots!

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Too young to fuck at their place

Added on 22/01/2015

Two cute young twinks, one blond and the other dark-haired, want each other without being able to freely express their libido because of their young age. Finding a deserted block of flats in the vecinity, the two nasty lovebirds arrange to meet outside, to be able to fuck undisturbed. The first blowjobs are given near the window, then only leaning against the windowsill, the two young fucksters butt-fuck in different positions. The dust mixes with their sweat and soon with their jizz sprayed on each other on this lovely summer afternoon.

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Orgy between 3 lads and a cop

Added on 20/01/2015

Seeing these two guys getting out naked from a camping car, is difficult for the guys that are waiting for them outside while fucking, to know who is the cop and who is the thief. Never mind, all they want is a good sex session and it seems that they have found the perfect clients. Very fast, it sucks around before licking the ass! After that, two submissive guys empale their anus on a juicy dick and, to finish, everyone jizz growling its pleasure!

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