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3 dicks for a bulimic ass

Added on 31/03/2015

Whatever the number of dicks to jerk off, you can always count on Florian's devotion! Today this voracious has invited 3 friends to get fucked as he should be. It starts in the living room where all this beautiful world has a hard dick. A small cigarette, a good blow job and a gay foursome found themselves in the room to move to serious things. Suffice to say that, it's going to blow job and ass licking very nicely until Florian the first in a long series of dicks well deep inside his little bitch ass. A good big anal storm before the cum flood !

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Bareback sodomy in the bathroom

Added on 29/03/2015

Two euroboys aged 19 and 21 take advantage of their parents’ absence to have a bubble bath and relax. At this age, erection inevitably comes and starts again after ejaculation. Extremely horny, the twinks suck and lick each other’s balls in turn in the bathroom. The dark-haired guy who is very well-hung, feels extremely good when his blonde friend blows him deeply. As they left their condoms in the bedroom they get bum-fucked bareback taking care to lubricate the butt well with saliva. They pound their partners’ butts dry while their dicks slam the buttocks. Getting extremely aroused, the dark-haired guy unloads his jizz on the blonde’s face who takes his revenge later…

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Gee-up, a little babyfood between Gays!

Added on 27/03/2015

A gang of pals are playing babyfoot to while away the time. They have very strict rules and the losing team gets a forfeit. Actually, we cannot say that they are really losers since today they must play the sexual slaves. Thus, the game turns into a gang-bang, balls included. They're all naked and soon, we can no longer make out who blows who. They're sometimes on the babyfoot table sometimes on the couch, taking pleasure in giving head and making cocks rock hard. They constantly lick each other's precious balls and jerk off these turgescent knobs that will soon please each other's tight dark anuses. Then they change position, therefore, some of them get butt-fucked whereas others get blown. They all get an immense...

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2 Latinos bugger each other instead of attending class

Added on 25/03/2015

When classes start, two Latinos don't have anything better to do than to cut class and go to the residence hall room to whoop it up. Once arrived, they strip off and start kissing and licking each other's armpits with relish. They're now extremely aroused judging by their big cocks already erect. But they can't possibly butt-fuck each other without previously giving one another a good blowjob. So, an oral sex is imperative, they're gonna jerk each other off before buggering one another really hard, yelling and wriggling as if it were their first time. Eventually, after a few wrist strokes, it's time they unload on each other before going back to class for a short review.

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Bodybuilder soldier who loves the dick

Added on 23/03/2015

With his rank and his imposing body, Sergeant Roman Ragazzi has no trouble in seducing his brothers in arms. A peaceful place and there he is, kneeling to suck Caporal Ricky Sinz's dick at attention! A few minutes later, this slut lies on the back to get buggered in depth while he jerks off!

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