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Beefy painters suck each other

Added on 21/12/2014

Two painters working for a contract that brings them together for several hours, quickly discover having something physical in common, the muscles and the sexual attraction. Upon seeing that the compatibility of these two men is extraordinary, the brushstrokes soon make way for the cock strokes. Using the scaffolding necessary for their contract, the two perverts initiate a sex scene on the spot, contenting themselves with a little blowjob and a first cumshot on the chest. Soon after, on a bed, the partner who didn’t get satisfied jerks himself off, of course, to finish the already started job...

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Handsome brown-haired guy buggered by a cowboy

Added on 19/12/2014

Chad Manning the cowboy repairs his camping-car assisted by his friend Leed Scott. Some confidences later, the last one kneels to take in his mouth his buddy's hard dick! Time to get sucked too and this bitch spreads his legs wide to get licked his ass in depth. The anus wagging of desire, he closes his eyes of pleasure when Chad starts to bugger him like a man. A few minutes later, he ends with the belly covered with a creamy mixture of cum...

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Don't let go of the roller, I'm gonna cum!

Added on 17/12/2014

Two construction workers are repainting a house although they would prefer to be busy with something else! It is under the pressure (of his cock in his pants ) that one of them starts turning his colleague on with his roller. He puts his hand on his crotch and this seems to work as a few seconds later here he is holding his dick and ready to give head. Then they are going to blow each other’s cock before they finally get dry bum-fucked behind the house away from prying eyes and from the landlord. They get fucked thoroughly thus getting rid of all the stress accumulated at work. Eventually, as time flies, they decide to cum joyfully flooding their sweating chests. Nothing compares to a nice break at work!

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A mega dick screws this half-blood's asshole

Added on 15/12/2014

Sexy Redd, do not never promise smth to him. Because this handsome half-blood with blue eyes is the kind to squat your dick to suck it deep for long minutes before arching like a slut that you bugger hier ass. Today is Sexcyone's big dick that comes and goes in his asshole lubricated in abundance, and the only thing you can hear beside the slamming of a nice pair of balls against a small firm ass, are the slut moans and "YEAH!" that the twink sings while he gets wildly buggered! Will you be able to hold yourself to cum before these two hunks squirt on each other? This is the question ...

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Make me feel like in heaven!

Added on 13/12/2014

Two guys, a captain and a soldier arrange to meet on a country road for a flashing plan. They're so hot, that they undress directly before the captain to give his partner a very spitty blowjob. But what he does not know is that the soldier has access to the nearest aerodrome & has made him a plan. He keeps on sucking him off while the latest takes him to the car. At the airport, our two men climb into an old crate and continue what they've started in the plane!!! Blowjobs, deep ass pounding in the pilot chair openly & publicly, in the front of the control tower and of the mechanics, with a huge surprise at the end... never seen before!! A hot & extremely flashing video.

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