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Student gang-bang and blowjobs galore!

Added on 28/05/2015

The scene is set in an underground environment, in the garage of one of the participants whom we can repeatedly see waiting for his turn... But wait for what? The attraction of this organized and filmed gay orgy is a young blond twink renowned for his blowjob techniques! Several well-hung gay pals are thus in a single file line, waiting for their balls to be emptied under our young pervert’s oral assaults! And yet, this isn’t the end of the orgiastic activity, since our blond takes a few anal thrusts even before his nasty buddies well-stocked with spunk cumblast him one by one!

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I mass your back and you masse my ass

Added on 26/05/2015

Lying on a massage table, a well-hung twink enjoys the touching of his expert masseur. This kinky has the ass in the air and legs slightly apart. Enough to let us enjoy his beautiful pair of balls and the down of his asshole. As nothing happens, the masseur approaches more and more of his dick before grabbing it the whole hand. Even at rest, the animal is rather good size. When the owner turns the masseur grabs the dick and begins to suck with the open mouth. If his mouth barely engulfs all the dick his asshole will have no difficulty cashing it up to the hilt! After a good sixty-nine and anulingus, this bastard impales himself on the big dick. As expected, his voracious asshole has no difficulty receiving this...

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Ten sportsmen get laid in their bus...

Added on 24/05/2015

During their trip, ten sportsmen do whatever they can to spend their time in the bus that will take them to their destination. There is one hour left before they arrive, so they take advantage of the situation to take off their trousers in unison and start voraciously blowing one another. And while some have already unloaded on their suckers' mug, the others beseige a guy's anus who asks to be fucked really hard... And he will be, indeed...

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Blond guys and Latinos are genuine gigolos

Added on 22/05/2015

A hefty Latino stripped to the waist is reviewing for his exams when his boyfriend, a young blond with a Beatles hairstyle, shows up hoping to have a bit of sex just to release the pressure. The Latino doesn't have to be asked twice and gets into action immediately. They kiss a bit to heat things up, then it's the cocks' turn to get kissed and, above all, thrust into these two gays' expert mouths. The blond, who loves being butt-fucked, gets his asshole screwed on the couch by an overaroused lad well-determined to give him an anal orgasm like never before. Eventually, while still getting his anus fucked really hard, the blond unloads on himself, which drives his lover even crazier with arousal who does the same a few...

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Nasty date at the fitness center.

Added on 20/05/2015

A dark-haired hunk is getting changed in the club’s changing rooms and as soon as he’s naked, he takes an anal plug out of his locker that will be gently thrust into his small anus once well-lubricated. He likes it so much that he wriggles with pleasure. Immediately after inserting the object, he takes his towel and wraps a big dildo in a small bag and licks it, anxious to put it up his ass as well. He heads for the bar and quietly ensconces himself, watching a gay DVD. In the room, there is also a young man in a towel who’s immediately interested in our handsome hunk. After introductions are made, off they go into a good sex scene. The dildo can finally be used since once the plug withdrawn, he sits on it, sucking...

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