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A young biker joins his boyfriend after a bike ride

Added on 09/10/2015

A twink lies in his bed and waits patiently for his biker friend to come back. He finally arrives and jumps in the bed, too. He passionately kisses his friend’s hand and then they take their clothes off to be in their birthday suit so that they can enjoy the joys of sex. They blow their cock and shove their fingers up their anus to make the jizz come up. Then comes a good sodomy with strong cock strokes turning their date into a wild sex session. They finish with a juicy facial and everybody will be happy.

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Hairy soldiers on mission and steamy sex session

Added on 07/10/2015

3 soldiers are on a mission in the dunes and it's incredibly hot, so hot that they take off their shirt and show off some nice sweaty hairy chests. It even seems to turn them on since they soon take off their pants too, revealing their big pricks already erect. They pounce upon one another and start snogging before jerking each other off. Then some skillful blowjobs in turn will spice up the feast a bit until ending up in an orgy of anal cock strokes. They sodomize each other hard on the ground and their groans speak volumes about the pleasure they take. At the end, a few more nipple twistings and it's time for the final cumshot for these virile dudes. The last of them ends up giving himself a hand job and dropping...

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A carpenter gets his asshole fucked

Added on 05/10/2015

The air is hot and wet of desire in this mill filled with male ready to draw their drills at the slightest opportunity. They are alike, are staring at each other and are planning to compete at the first signe! A bit like this twink... Shirker the dick in the hand, he observes a worker having his pants to down , storing pieces of wood on all fours. Barely sees the line of the young man, that he gets out of his hiding place, jumps on him and starts to touch him without shame. Given a warm welcome, he settles quietly on the back of the colleague who is always on all fours and strokes his asshole while rubbing well his dick. The carpenter then returns to suck him full mouth. Round in the mouth and juicy, this dick is...

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A gay nudists bar welcomes a porn shooting

Added on 03/10/2015

The scene starts in an American bar where the guys are stark naked. They’re sitting at the bar and talking to the owner who also has no clothes on. He explains to them a bit what is going to happen and then leaves to film everything. Sitting on the stools, the 3 lads turn around and show off in front of the camera. A close-up of their nice cock and off they go. They pounce upon each other to kiss before jerking off and giving one another mind-blowing blowjobs. The guys have the perfect mouth for sucking cock and really know how to make the penis size and stiffness seen. Then it’s time for some serious stuff and for them it’ll be anal sex on the menu. One of them will act as a hole for the other two who are going to...

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Follow the guide, then butt-fuck him!

Added on 01/10/2015

When you’re a young gay couple and you’re walking in an Amazonian forest with the dick in sight, there's not much to do. By pressing against the guide’s ass, you might as well stretch it a bit. But first, let’s see if he knows how to suck. His boyfriend shows him how to do it by sucking the cock offered to him, under the attentive eye of the guide who soon sees what’s expected of him and complies meekly. We don’t know for sure if he’s a Jivaro Indian, but since he can’t shrink their heads, he makes their penises grow. Our obedient savage puts his client’s nice big prick to his mouth and blows it passionately then moves on to the other twink with the same open-mindedness and mouth opening. Now it’s time to show him a...

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