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Gay prolaps, user's manual

Added on 05/07/2015

It starts very hard! Three guys lying on the back the legs attached in the air get discomfit the ass by two gloved fisteurs. Of these three big whores, it is the fellow left-most who is the deepest. Besides that his boyfriend was not mistaken since he has decided to use the gloves of deep spelunking, those who rise up till the elbows! Let me tell you that he works his ass as well as it should! After a few minutes of work, while they are more than two to open the asshole the one in rangers prepares to get back the plumbing by the two fists of a beautiful blond. A few coming and going movements, there it is pissing on blushing of pleasure, the asshole gaping, half out. Then it's the turn of a beefy to get his ass...

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Sex date at the gym

Added on 03/07/2015

3 guys are working out at their favorite gym and have been staring at each other for quite a while. The tension goes up a notch and here they are, taking out their cock and stroking it like a death machine. They look at each other while jerking off, which drives them crazy with arousal. They no longer think about their muscles but rather about their asses, and once they mingle with each other, the magic settles in. All three of them are going to blow one another until their dick gets stiff and red with blood for an aching anal penetration. Then, after a few minutes of hot foreplay, they screw each other’s ass. They butt-fuck on the gym floor and the one who takes it the most is a young punker with a blond Mohawk who...

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Nasty gay breakfast in the kitchen

Added on 01/07/2015

A young French student drinks his coffee in the kitchen waiting for his mate to join him. It does not take him too long to show up and has his breakfast, too. Yet I do not know if it is the effect of coffee or the pressure of hormones but the two of them start kissing and groping each other. The robes soon fall off revealing their good-looking bodies with nice tattoos. Once one of them leans up against the sink he gets his cock blown by his lover. He literally swallows his dick and gladly sucks his prick. Then it is his turn to get sucked before he eventually gives him his butt to get anal pounded. Her tiny anus soon gets dilated and ready to get even more. He loves it and his tensed face speaks for him. Everything...

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Ass orgy between hot twinks #1

Added on 29/06/2015

A band of hot ass Appolon guys meet in a shack to celebrate the birthday of a friend. Their gift, a mega orgy of beefy and hairless bodies and a dick farandole one more juicy than the other. Watch them getting on their knees sucking each other like crazy, the anus hungry, eager to get screwed! In this scene there are only dick addicted guys who will do everything to get your slip wet!

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Passionate threesome for these hot-to-trot twinks.

Added on 27/06/2015

What shall you do when three guys want to spend their time giving pleasure to each other? a good, little threesome. One of the lads gets his clothes literally stripped off then he’s caressed all over. He gets his nipples sucked and licked by the two other visibly very aroused guys, this augurs well for the continuation!!! The two other blokes take off their underpants as well to blow each other, the circle is closed. They do a little 69 then they suck each other off in a circle once again. It feels so good and they enjoy it so much, that they moan with pleasure. Then it’s time to finger each other’s ass to fuck one another immediately. Each one of them gets a good dressing-down, taking their partner’s cock deep...

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