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Young, brawny and suntanned!

Added on 22/07/2014

Two brawny and perfectly suntanned twinks swap spits half naked in a sunbed room. They don’t waste any time and quickly start wanking each other off. Once their cocks are hard as iron, our two sportsmen fuck like crazy, until they reach the height of their pleasure!

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Black threesome to celebrate the beginning of the holiday.

Added on 20/07/2014

Three handsome black guys have just arrived on a heavenly island on their holiday, so they have to celebrate! No sooner said than done, they start giving good blowjobs to each other, while getting rid of their tops. First of all, they suck each other off and the one in the middle acts as a sandwich. Then it’s one another’s respective intimacies that they visit after lubricating them with vigorous tongue strokes. Their rock-hard dicks move to and fro, gaining ground with every inward thrust. They give each other maximum pleasure for this beginning of holiday. They screw one another in turn, letting out male groans of pleasure. They end up giving their respective partners a good dose of cum on their pelvis.

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Getting dicked on the piano or A Letter to Elise-bears!!

Added on 18/07/2014

A bear is giving his boyfriend a cuddle while he's playing the piano. Whereas he's practising his scales, he decides to practise them in couple!! Our two guys, muscled and virile, start by a super hot and very tender cuddle, lots of strokes, long kisses, a real pleasure for the virile, big-hearted bear fans. Then they find themselves on the floor, where blowjobs, asslickings and deep bangings follow one another. Our two men take their time to taste, fondle & wank each other. Then the piano player, well-tuned dick, puts his partner against the piano keyboard!! A genuine awesome ride, that will end up with a big cuddle on the sofa.

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Put down the volley ball and screw me

Added on 16/07/2014

3 pals have organized a little picnic outing and different games to celebrate the end of their exams. They're playing volleyball when one of them has a rest on the napkin. His sweaty buddies join him to indulge in their favorite game: a group-grope session between men. They start by fondling each other before kissing passionately and reaching their hand down for each other's cock. Then they line up in a row and blow one another all at the same time. They're now extremely hot, especially their pricks which are firmly erect and veined, the way they like it. They're gonna butt-fuck each other in turn, getting a huge kick out of it and, above all, pulling no punches. The cock strokes assault their tiny twink asses that...

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Bling-bling tuning: He buggers his car mechanic with a kebab

Added on 14/07/2014

Philippe is a tuning fan, a genuine jacky crazy about custom spoilers and aluminium wheels. He has left his sports car to a third-rate auto mechanic for the MOT test, even if it means slipping him a backhander if his V8 weren't ok. Tragedy! the black takes his lunch break in his car, while listening to a shitty balafon CD on his bass boost sound system and stuffing himself with his fat kebab in his leather interior! Mad with rage, he grabs the guy and chucks him out. He then rips his clothes off, determined to humiliate and punish him. The anus well dilated, he takes the kebab and thrusts it deep inside, to the black's immense satisfaction. Philippe is surprised to have a huge hard-on. He eats the sandwich brutishly...

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