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Mike Shawn and Max Middleman

Added on 19/08/2014

After an indecent proposal of Max, Mike pulls out his big hard dick and lets it all at his disposal. Max takes it and starts sucking languidly. More he sucks the dick, more he feels his anus dilating of desire. Few licks to lubricate it and there you see Mike who buggers him up to his balls ! To hear Max moaning of pleasure as a good dog, we know that this big dick is really good !

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Doctor in heat and guys anal-pounded

Added on 17/08/2014

A young twink is in a very bad way. He's lying down on the bed when the doctor arrives. He examines him with a stethoscope but doesn't find anything abnormal on the outside. So he tries a deeper approach, which is taking his temperature by inserting a thermometer into his ass before eventually putting a small retractor there. I don't see what sort of illness could take hold in such a small ass, but I'm sure the doctor knows what he does. He actually takes things very seriously and seems to be afraid of the bad functioning of the reproductive system of the latter. Therefore, he tries the so-called massage technique or more commonly known as: Fellatio. So they move quickly on to the foreplay, which seems to please our...

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Nasty reading for 2 Gays in heat

Added on 15/08/2014

One afternoon when they’re bored shitless, 2 gay friends are reading a homosexual porn magazine. They seem very interested in the content and want to try what they saw no matter what. So no sooner said than done, their hands start wandering and their zips come undone. One of them sets about giving the other one a good, little blowjob and puts his heart into it. He shoves the tool all the way down his throat and knows how to use his mouth. The guy’s penis is now very hard and ready to butt-fuck him. First, they stimulate each other a bit by inserting a double dildo into one another’s anus. They get a kick out of it together, which is good. Then they take turns at buggering each other in several positions. On all fours...

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Young twink butt-fucked by the fireplace

Added on 13/08/2014

Two pals have invited a buddy over to see the nice fireplace they've put in the living room. The guy is rather most welcome since the two lads are stripped to the waist and in leather pants, bringing out their muscles and nice tattoos. Then one of them gets on the fireplace and poses like a Greek god so that his boyfriend can admire him. This gives them a raging boner, so they decide to improvise a little threesome, which the guest likes. Then the latter kneels down, takes the dicks in his mouth and starts sucking them extremely deftly. He blows the big tools taking pleasure in licking their balls well before ending up on all fours on the couch, screwed by one of the two knobs that doesn't go in for subtleties when it...

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Added on 11/08/2014

Hm, here's my new prey, after a good series of spankings, I make him suck me off nonstop without letting him breathe. On all fours, I tie his hands behind his back, a real doll I'm gonna have fun with. I decide to violently bum-fuck him dry until he yells out with pleasure. Then I put my favourite dildos up his arse, one of them is huge but it slides completely in, so I see myself forced to stuff my prick too, to calm down his bum. Extremely aroused, I empty my balls on his buttocks, while my dildo keeps on tearing him apart...

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