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War machine turned into a sex machine

Added on 27/11/2014

Two queers in khaki fatigues are on guard duty at their captain's hacienda. They take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere to make passionate love in the inner courtyard. At 18, they're cock hungry and wouldn't stint themselves of! Tender blowjobs, nasty anilinguses: our twinks proceed to a slow, leisurely fucking-session to relax. Only that Mickael, a turquoise-eyed dark-haired guy feels like experiencing new sensations. So he spreads his anus widely apart and invites his partner to deflower his arse. The latter slowly, reluctantly shoves his cock inside. It cautiously slides deeper and deeper until his dick gets swallowed by his greedy bumhole! Mickael moans with pleasure as his lover quickens the rhythm to satisfy...

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Gay threesome in hospital

Added on 25/11/2014

Get three horny guys in a break room and you will get a wild sex scene. Voracious blowjobs, ass licking, sodomy in turn and finally a farandole of cumshots all sexier than another!

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Asian gays who love the dick

Added on 23/11/2014

You will not have to wait long before seeing these two beautiful twinks sucking each other's dick. It takes it in the mouth, it sucks it, it licks the asshole, it buggers deep and cums on the chest as always with the risk to turn you on a lot!

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Latino boys aged 18 and 19 having bareback sex

Added on 21/11/2014

Two irresistible Latinos just barely turned 18 and 19 find themselves in the family home for a hot, little fuck before the parents return. Passionate kisses in the kitchen serve as foreplay and our Adonises then find themselves in bed for the continuation. The clothes sublimate on their steaming bodies and two big knobs already erect and ready to screw stand out. After deep throating each other and doing a very hardcore 69 for several minutes, the youngest of the two boys gets dry butt-fucked. He sits on his pal’s condomless cock and gets his anus banged with vigorous thrusting for several minutes and in every position. Now that his ass is torn up, he begs his lover to give him a facial...

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No hair left!

Added on 19/11/2014

A black hairstylist is getting bored while waiting for his customer: so he's playing with the hairdrier and has a huge hard-on. Then a cadre arrives unexpectedly, with 40 years of background experience, who couldn't hold on to the idea of a « little haircut »: so here he is, kissing the hairstylist heartily then sucking him off! Very interested in pleasing his customer, the hairstylist makes him the same afterwards!! The blowjobs between the two men, more and more hot, are furiously following one another!!! Then the hairstylist comes up with the idea of taking care of his customer's bumhole: so he's gonna use all his knowledge to make him a summer haircut that he'll never forget. The stylist, extremely dilated, will...

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