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Prominent gay sex session for this straight

Added on 16/09/2014

At first he went just to see his friend. Then, the brother of the latter offered him a beer before making him jerk off on a porn book that was lying in the living room. A few minutes later, the two lads suck and fuck each other like animals for a maximum pleasure ! A very successful conversion !

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Bodybuilding and anal pounding

Added on 14/09/2014

This video features two couples wanting to fulfill a mutual fantasy: having sex in front of the camera. While working out in the morning, a handsome dark-haired guy is joined by his boyfriend who wants more of his dick than of his pectorals. So they have it off on the workout bench until ending up in a hot spunk orgy sprayed on each other's virile sweaty chests. Follows the second couple who is in the living room. As they watch TV, one of them takes the initiative and starts kissing the other one to eventually get him naked and bum-fuck him really hard standing against the couch. Their ass is ripped into pieces, their balls are empty, but all four of them had a real blast.

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Lay down your book and fuck me in the ass!

Added on 12/09/2014

A gay couple is reading a book on an armchair but one of them seems more interested in the winkle moving under the book than in the author’s words. So they stop reading and start playing a funnier game: doctors and nurses between boys. On the menu: blowjob and wanking. The long-haired guy is good at it and sucks his lover so skillfully that the biggest actresses would envy him. But his partner is extremely horny and soon after he gets rock-hard, it's time for him to shove his cock up his boyfriend's tight little ass. Then they butt-fuck one another on the armchair, taking care to previously lubricate each other's tiny hole before the former eventually lets out a long harsh groan followed by a hot good cumshot on the...

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Bearded junkie ass pounded with his leather boots

Added on 10/09/2014

Notice for the fans of good well muscled sluts who adore to get their asshole pounded after putting on their leather boots. This happens in the cozy atmosphere of a backroom. Three bodybuilders have decided to organize a well hard fucking session. Under the gaze of a guy who does a handjob, two giants white-hot lick their armpits. Those two want badly to do the job themselves and it can be seen in their eyes that is very obvious! The most natural way, they start beautiful blowjobs hyper voracious and drooling as we like! Must say it, it's always great to see two horny guys very manly moving the throat on big juicy dicks! After ejaculating in turn, the brown starts to lick the asshole of the Viking blond while lying on...

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Mike Shawn bangs the ass of Christian Rock

Added on 08/09/2014

In his first scene as a submissive, the least we can say is that Christian is eager to get fucked by Mike's big dick. Indeed, in this foreplay scene, Christian wants to get buggered and Mike doesn't wait to be asked twice ! For nearly twenty minutes, he will fuck his friend as if there was no tomorrow!

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