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A horny barman

Added on 26/10/2014

It is getting late when a young gay couple on a visit in the capital comes across a pub that looks rather nice. Once they are inside, they find out that they are by themselves in an empty place but they are not too fussy and they only want to have a drink before they go back to the hotel. After a few gulps and under the influence of alcohol, they start kissing passionately and groping each other. Things soon degenerate and they take their clothes off in the middle of the room in front of the manager who does not say a word but instead he joins them and kisses the libertine couple, too. He gets his cock blown and gives his butt to the other guy. They get butt-fucked in turn on the counter and on the floor before they...

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Why should you touch yourself when he can butt-fuck you

Added on 24/10/2014

We meet a young, French twink who, feeling lonely, has decided to jerk himself off with a sex toy in his hotel room. But he wasn’t expecting to see one of his pals coming... Once in the room, the very cute, young, dark-haired lad joins his friend in bed and takes things in hand. He’s going to vigorously stroke the cock before sucking it like a god. He puts his heart into it and, above all, shoves his rock-hard, long dick all the way down his throat. Then they swap roles to vary pleasures and there follows a genuine demonstration of great blowjob. Then it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty, after licking his pal’s anus, the handsome hunk thrusts his knob into his ass and starts fucking him. He’s going to screw him...

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First time: anal defloration for two twinks

Added on 22/10/2014

Mathieu and Jean take advantage of their last holiday days without their parents to fulfill one of their greatest fantasies: getting anal pounded. Very excited, they strip off and put some gel on their anus. But at the last moment Matthieu gets scared and refuses to get deflowered. Jean understands the situation and offers his small virgin ass to his friend. The latter shoves his prick gently, deeper and deeper. Surprised, Jean screams when his mate’s balls touch his buttocks. Matthieu takes out his cock and penetrates again the dilated anus. Jean is in seventh heaven, carried away by pleasure. Blown away by orgasm they bawl in pleasure in unison.

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Cleaner gets his ass screwed

Added on 20/10/2014

Un petit coup de serpillière sur le sol et voilà que cet homme de ménage sort sa bite pour pisser dans son seau. Il commence à peine à se tripoter la bite quand un médecin fait irruption dans la pièce. Agréablement surpris, ce dernier referme la porte et s'approche du membre bien dressé pour le sucer. Aussi salope qu'il est musclé, le balayeur ne tarde pas à lui rendre la pareil avec fougue avant de se laisser enculer bien profond sur une chaise...

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A lawyer with a very horny asshole

Added on 18/10/2014

If this lawyer goes directly to his client's nephew to inform him of his last wishes, is because this good bitch has a hidden agenda. To suck the young Asian breathlessly and get buggered until orgasm!

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